Pantalla Global/Global Screen – Barcelonian chronicles

text and fotographies by Adriana Cordero* – Colaboratorio Arte.

A few weeks ago during my trip to the city of Barcelona I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition Pantalla Global/Global Screen at the CCCB. In this exhibition there take part our friends of the Group Pay de menta. I think this exhibition is very interesting not only on an exhibition level but also as a participative project. I leave you with one of the texts of his virtual platform:

The aim of the exhibition is to show every aspect of the power of the screen: seduction, spectacle, creation of archetypes and models, information, communication, shock factor, interactivity, surveillance, etc. It is a power that technological advances serve to renew, increase and diffract from the initial format, the big cinema screen, to today’s proliferation. Screens that are present everywhere, at all times, screens that allow us to see and do everything: TV screens, video screens, touch screens, spy screens—interactive, recreational, informational… The screen has become a constituent element of hypermodern societies.

The exhibition also sets out to show how this power has gone from the big screen of the cinema to all kinds of digital screens, imposing its model: the cinema model or cinevision, a worldwide phenomenon, creating a world made up of screens and screens that create the world.

Independently of cinevision, the screen has also become the gateway to the world. It is not only aspects of everyday life that happen on screen; relations with the city, culture and knowledge are also conditioned by what screens contain and convey. The phenomenon is all the more powerful because it is globalized and instant: the screen not only creates another, illusory, spectacular world, it actually gives us access to it.

*MA Management of Companies and cultural Institutions. Graduate in Management and Cultural Policies. Engraver


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Pantalla Global

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